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Quality Planning

Effective planning to manage quality risks - a 2-day tutored learning event

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Quality does not simply happen; quality has to be planned for at the outset of a new product, project or service. This course takes delegates through the fundamental steps required to ensure that the requirements for quality are addressed throughout the product or service lifecycle.

Planning for quality starts at the very inception of a new idea and in most cases only concludes with the decommissioning of a project, the cessation of production of a product or the delivery of a service. It is for this reason that this course covers the following topics:

Structure of the event

About 50% of the time during this event is devoted to workshops and exercises based around case studies and delegates own processes. Learning is consolidated through

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Course content - day 1

Quality planning for performance improvement

Workshop – purpose of the quality planning process

The quality planning process

Case study – an effective planning process model

Developing quality policy, creating the framework, identifying high risks using FMECA and managing risks throughout the production or product lifecycle

Workshop – managing risks throughout the production or project lifecycle

Developing the strategies to mange quality risks and establishing the infrastructure

Constructing quality plans that work

Case study – constructing quality plans that work

Course content - day 2

Workshop – What makes an effective quality plan?

Effective execution of quality plans

Workshop – Communicating with our Stakeholders

Effective execution of quality plans – continued

Workshop – Using detailed activity plans

Learning and improving the planning process and the plans for quality

Workshop – The way forward

Course author and lead tutor: Mike Debenham

Approved course tutor: Nina Abbassi has been one of CQI trainers since 2000 and is an independent consultant, trainer and auditor who designs and delivers a wide range of public and bespoke courses and assists a variety of organizations in design, development, maintenance, auditing and continual improvement of their management systems. Qualifications: B.Sc. Hons, FCQI, IRCA registered QMS Lead Auditor