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Product inspection – a 2-day tutored learning event

Who should attend

What will I learn?

How to attend

About the event

This training course is designed to give an entry level overview of the vendor inspection process from understanding client requirements through identifying areas of significant risk, planning inspection activities, preparing the inspection assignment, to carrying out the field inspection visit.

Structure of the event

Just over 50% of the time during this event is devoted to workshops and exercises based around case studies from industry.

It is re commended that teams are established prior to this event so individuals can work with colleagues on items of equipment they are familiar with during the studies.

Learning is consolidated through

Customisation of BPIU training courses for in-company presentations

BPIU will customise all courses to fit customers’ specific requirements.

Course content - day 1

An introduction to the principles of quality assurance

The fundamentals of inspection

Managing procurement risk

Workshop – Managing procurement risk

Inspection planning

Workshop - the inspection and test plan

Preparing the inspection assignment package

Workshop - the inspection assignment package

Inspector receipt and review of assignment package

Course content - day 2

The pre-inspection meeting

Workshop - the pre-inspection meeting

The basic principles of inspection

Vendor inspection – 1

Workshop - inspection 1

Vendor inspection – 2

Workshop - inspection 2

Vendor inspection – 3

Workshop - inspection 3

The inspection report

Workshop - Report writing

Course author and lead tutor: Mike Debenham

Approved course tutor: David Hutchins experience and approach is founded on his experiences as Production Engineer, Industrial Engineer and Works Manager in the highly competitive field of high volume high precision components for the automotive industry.

Through his intense study of Japanese management systems from the late 1960s onwards, and his friendship with the late Professor Ishikawa (David was invited to write a chapter in the book commemorated to his life and Professor Ishikawa’s only ever visit to Europe was at David’s invitation) He is acknowledged to have pioneered the introduction of several Quality Related concepts into the UK. These include TQM (1972!) Quality Circles (or Kaizen as it is known to some), Just in Time (including all things now called ‘Lean’), Benchmarking (acknowledged in an early DTI publication on the subject), Hoshin Kanri, Root Cause Analysis and Project by Project Improvement. He has been involved with Six Sigma training from its origination at Motorola in the late 1980s.

He likes to work in association with other professionals around the world as a means of cross fertilizing new ideas and to continue the development of the Quality sciences and disciplines.