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Management Workshop – Quality Management Leadership

How can we ensure that our management system works for us rather than visa versa? - a one day tutored learning event

Workshop objectives

The objectives of this workshop are to ensure that our top management team:

Who should attend

How to attend?

Structure of the event

Most of the workshop is devoted to team work with delegates addressing the issues with the help of the facilitator. Learning is consolidated through small group discussions and full group open interactive dialogue for learning and consensus followed by a short presentation from the facilitator.

Customisation of BPIU training courses for in-company presentations

BPIU will customise all courses to fit customers’ specific requirements. We have delivered training for a significant number of the quality tools and techniques and can accommodate most requests.

Workshop content - day 1

Introduction to the concept of business assurance

Workshop – What do we expect from our management system?

Participants develop their own view of what a management system should be capable of delivering for the organisation. Without a clear view of what success looks like we can not know if we have achieved it or not.

The purpose of a management system and why some fail to deliver on expectation

This presentation builds on the results of the previous workshop and defines what should be expected from an effective management system and highlights the waste caused by a failed management system.

Workshop – What can top management do to ensure they have a valuable management system that delivers on promise?

Participants develop ideas that will ensure the management system is used to effectively manage the business and not simply taken out and dusted off just prior to certification audit resulting in a waste of time and effort.

Supporting the development of a valuable management system

This presentation provides ideas to help Directors support the development of a valuable management system that 'adds value' as opposed to creating waste.

Some of the key responsibilities of top management in relation to implementing and maintaining a quality management system

Developing quality policy and strategy

Workshop – our Quality policy and strategy

Participants develop an outline of their quality policy and their quality strategy.

Developing our framework of processes

Workshop – our framework of business processes

During a facilitator led study participants develop an outline of the framework of their organisation's business processes

Defining management representative, process sponsor and owner responsibilities plus general responsibilities for quality

Workshop – What do we now do to ensure the successful implementation of our quality management system and to ensure its continued effectiveness?

The effective management of change

This presentation provides some guidance on the way forward and how to manage a change project

Workshop author and lead facilitator: Mike Debenham