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Business Process Improvement

Pride in process ownership - The effective use of our management system

How can we ensure that our management system works for us rather than visa versa? A three quarter day workshop for process owners and management

Workshop objectives

The objectives of this workshop are to ensure that process owners and middle managers:

understand how organisational culture supports the delivery of quality products and services

Who should attend

How to attend

Structure of the event

Most of the workshop is devoted to syndicate work with delegates addressing the issues with the help of the facilitator. Learning is consolidated through small group discussions and full group open interactive dialogue for learning and consensus followed by a short presentation from the facilitator. This event can also be run as a full day workshop or, with some compromises, 2 half day workshops.

Customisation of BPIU training courses for in-company presentations

BPIU will customise all courses to fit customers’ specific requirements.

Workshop content

What do we expect from our management system?

Delegates develop their own view of what a management system should be capable of delivering for the organisation. Without a clear view of what success looks like we can not know if we have achieved it or not.

The purpose of a management system

This presentation builds on the results of the previous workshop and defines what should be expected from an effective management system.

Why do management systems fail?

Delegates call on their experience to develop the key reasons why management systems are not used effectively and, as a result, create waste for the organisation. Knowing what causes failure helps to consolidate the picture of what success looks like.

Management system failure - cause and effect

This presentation consolidates the output from the previous workshop and highlights the waste caused by a failed management system.

What can process owners and managers do to ensure they have a valuable management system that delivers on promise?

Delegates develop ideas that will ensure the management system is used to effectively manage the business and not simply taken out and dusted off just prior to certification audit resulting in a waste of time and effort.

Supporting the development of a valuable management system

This presentation introduces the concept of ‘business assurance’ and provides ideas to help managers support the development of a valuable management system that 'add value' as opposed to creating waste.

The challenge facing process owners

This presentation introduces delegates to the concept of agile management systems that rely more on specified competency and less on instruction. It provides delegates with a view of what ‘good’ looks like in relation to their business processes.

Our organisational culture

Delegates address the questions 'What values underpin our culture? Is our current culture fit for purpose or are there areas for improvement?'

Organisational culture

Organisational culture is a key element in delivering a quality product or service and in the continual search for better ways to work and manage risk. This presentation provides some thoughts to take back to the workplace.

How can we improve the way we work?

Delegates develop their own view of how they can use the ideas exchanged during the workshop to improve the way work is carried out.

Course author and lead tutor: Mike Debenham


This event was originally developed for BAE Systems - Submarine Solutions as a half day workshop and the following text was received from Ian Mitchell, FCQI CQP, Director of Quality, at the time of the pilot event:

……… I have had some great feedback and have already been asked to form a Process Management Steering Group with the four Directors who attended to work out the approach to the deployment of the training. As always your style went down a storm but more importantly for me you have converted sixteen senior leaders into advocates of process management and four Board members that will be my allies in driving the Quality Strategy forward in this area.

Ian Mitchell is currently (2015) the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Chartered Quality Institute, Ian is currently responsible for quality at Network Rail Infrastructure Projects (