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Business Process Improvement

Business Process Improvement has been the trading name of Mike Debenham, business improvement and quality professional, since his retirement from the Executive of the Chartered Quality Institute in 2008.

I have had the good fortune of a privileged career in the quality profession and have been given significant opportunities and knowledge during my working life.

The purpose of creating this website and continuing to provide training and consulting services is to try to pass on to the next generation of quality professionals what I have been given during my working lifetime.

I also have the good fortune to work with a number of very experienced associates who support me in the delivery and design of our services. Learn more about my professional career here.

My Associates

David Hutchins of David Hutchins Innovation DHi

Lynn Smith of NuFocus UK Ltd

Dr. Raine Isaksson Uppsala and Luleå Universities

Nina Abbassi of Abbassi Ltd

Tony Lintern TLC

David Straker of Syque

Business Process Improvement is also associated with British Inspecting Engineers Ltd


Nina Abbassi, founder and Director of Abbassi Ltd is a highly skilled and expert quality professional with expertise in Business Performance Improvement within the fields of Quality, and Environmental Management Systems and Social Responsibility.