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Business Process Improvement

Raine Isaksson has a PhD in quality management from Luleå University of Technology (LTU)  in Sweden . He has a background in chemical engineering with some 20 years of industrial practice working within the cement industry in various countries including almost 10 years in different African countries. Raine is a senior lecturer in Uppsala University, Campus Gotland within the department of Engineering Sciences, Division of Quality Sciences. Raine is also a guest lecturer in LTU and additionally works as process consultant mainly within cement manufacturing.

His research interest focuses broadly on how to make improvement more effective and efficient. More specifically this work focuses on synergies between quality management and sustainable development. The working hypothesis is that many of the values, methodologies and tools in quality management should also be included in the work for increased sustainability. Particular focus is on the value of ‘focus on processes' and the practical applications of it in the form of system based process models and measurement templates.

Tony Lintern has been involved in quality assurance for over 30 years and has developed expertise in a number of areas, particularly quality management and training.  Tony has been personally responsible for introducing quality management systems into many organisations in the UK and Europe, to meet recognised international standards such as ISO 9001.

Following a successful career, holding quality management positions for several prominent companies, Tony formed his own training and consultancy business in 1990. Since then, Tony has undertaken a variety of quality management system implementation projects, and provided consultancy, business improvement and auditing services for over 75 different organisations, in both the public and private sector.  Although primarily a consultant, Tony is still very much a quality practitioner. He is a Quality Manager for two companies and provides regular quality systems auditing services for a further six organisations.

In the last decade Tony has worked with several organisations on integrated management systems. This has involved assisting clients to review, improve and rationalise existing quality, health & safety, environmental and financial management systems and bring them together into a single more effective unit.  This approach makes the system documentation more accessible and cohesive and contributes towards achieving more cost effective business processes.

Tony is well known as a very experienced and competent trainer.  As well as designing and running many in-company quality management training courses, he has been a regular tutor for the Chartered Quality Institute since 1980.  Tony is also an experienced business traveler, having carried out consultancy and training assignments in countries throughout Europe, the United States, Africa, the Middle and Far East.

Recent research consists of studying cement based building materials in Tanzania based on action research. The objective is to make best use of cement with the purpose of making buildings more affordable and more sustainable by reducing their carbon footprint.