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Business Process Improvement

Some improvement ideas under the heading Attacking waste - Money

Periodically review the way the process management team manage money, using the following logic.

1. Supplier performance

Review contracts for quality, delivery and cost effectiveness using, if appropriate, life cycle cost. Remember to include all suppliers, insurance, cost of borrowing and money paid in tax!

2. Consider contra-deal

Consider whether there are savings to be made from contra deals where payment may be in the exchange of goods or services.

3. Sundry Expenses

Employee expenses: ensure that clear guidelines have been set out so that employees understand what is permissible and what is not. This sets expectations and avoids time processing claims.

Subscriptions: review all subscriptions and ensure that they can still be justified.

Utilities: review usage of all utilities, electricity, gas and water and see if there are savings to be made.

4. Create a culture that looks for ways to save money wherever there is an opportunity.

Review the expenditure on electricity, water, gas and other consumables and see if there are ways to reduce this expenditure. Create an organisational culture where personnel automatically look for ways to reduce expenditure in these areas.