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Business Process Improvement

We are striving to build up a bank of improvement ideas that can be freely shared by all and used with

The BPI Structured approach to process improvement

The ideas that follow come under the category of a structured approach and are based on firstly developing a ‘process definition’ for the business process that is going to be improved and then applying the appropriate improvement ideas to the process definition. It is therefore important to understand how to develop ‘process definition’ and readers are encouraged to read the articles on this subject or to attend our ‘Process design and improvement’ course.

Business process improvement

Attacking waste:

Working smarter:

If you have any improvement ideas that you would like to post on our website please email Mike Debenham at giving details of your ideas; your name plus your company and contact details. Please also advise what information you would like published alongside your ideas. Please refer to our privacy policy link below

Business process improvement ideas