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About Mike Debenham: From 2000 to 2008 Mike was responsible for policy and professional affairs at the Chartered Quality Institute and, as an executive director of the CQI, was the focal point for all professional and technical matters within the Institute and in the exchange of ideas and issues with other stakeholders in the UK Quality Industry.

During his time with the Institute, as secretary of the Professional Policy Board, Mike project managed the development of the CQI’s body of quality knowledge, (BOQK) that framework of knowledge that underpins the UK quality profession. This included the development of the website knowledge portal that provides detailed descriptors of the BOQK elements. Mike established the Institute’s on-line academic journal and in 2008 successfully led the project to gain individual chartered status for CQI members. During this time Mike set up the Institute’s Management Consultants Register and also delivered a number of his training courses on behalf of the CQI.

Mike is a Fellow of the CQI, a chartered engineer, a chartered quality professional and a Registered Senior Consultant with the CQI’s Management Consultants Register.

During the nineties Mike worked as a consultant to the BIE Group and as an independent consultant/trainer. Over his career he has provided consulting and training services for a wide range of international organisations in many different sectors and countries around the world see here.

Mike has published a number of articles and papers which form the basis of this website’s Knowledge Bank refer here.  

Mike gained his personnel experience in management as a Director of the British Inspecting Engineers Group from 1971 and as Managing Director of the BIE UK operation from 1986 to 1991. During his time at BIE he was responsible for the management of the following services provided by the BIE UK Group:

Also included the delivery of training and consultancy assignments for key clients.

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