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Client feedback

Benoit Gandillot, Director of Nexans University, Paris

What makes the difference among consultants is if you understand when they start to speak about processes…

Mike makes here the difference because he merges a deep understanding of the topic, with a long experience in process design and process improvement (lot of examples) as well as in teaching.

The course he built for Nexans University, covers with simple words and examples a wide range of topics going from the 'management system' to the process specification, definition and mapping, from strategic policies to simple operating procedures, with the same crystal clarity.

But beyond his science and his facilitation skills, what makes him a fantastic teacher is his great humour and kindness to people that makes from a challenging topic a surprisingly pleasant journey in the arduous world of organization.

Thanks to the quality and the structure of the course, it is transferable to other cultures. It allowed us to cascade it in other countries and to train locally our own internal trainers to make the Process Design competency acquisition sustainable. A key competency when you start deploying a LEAN culture.

Katerina Kring, Quality and Evaluation Manager, INTERACT Point Viborg, Denmark

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mike since 2014 when he was awarded a short-term contract with our organisation for developing and implementing a quality management system.

Mike’s exceptional professionalism was evident in all his work. When I started working with him I was very new in the quality profession. Mike supported my professional development not only through facilitating knowledge gain; he showed me the bigger picture and provided a sense of direction in my profession.

From July to December 2014 I worked with Mike on developing the process framework for our organisation and on building a coherent foundation for our management system on the basis of team engagement and sustained improvement of our service towards our stakeholders. Mike has been my mentor; I am thankful for having had the opportunity to work side-by-side with him and benefit from his knowledge, expertise, and professionalism.

Ian Mitchell, Head of Quality, Network Rail, currently (2015) the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Chartered Quality Institute

Referring to my 'Pride in process ownership' course which was originally developed for BAE Systems - Submarine Solutions as a half day workshop and the following text was received from Ian Mitchell, Director of Quality, at the time of the pilot event:

……… I have had some great feedback and have already been asked to form a Process Management Steering Group with the four Directors who attended to work out the approach to the deployment of the training. As always your style went down a storm but more importantly for me you have converted sixteen senior leaders into advocates of process management and four Board members that will be my allies in driving the Quality Strategy forward in this area.

Steve Warwood, Business and Organisational Excellence, Jaguar Land Rover, currently (2015) Chair of the CQI Advisory Council

Referring to my 'Root cause analysis' course: Mike manages to interweave the theory and practice of Root Cause Analysis within a learning environment in a challenging and fun way that is truly appreciated by the key stakeholders

Graham Rush, Managing Director, The BIE Group

Mike has been associated with the BIE Group for more than thirty five years.

He was responsible for obtaining our initial certification to ISO-9001 in 1990 and in 1998 he provided valuable consultancy for our UK, Chesterfield office in gaining UKAS accreditation to ISO 17020 as a body recognised to carry out the operation of various types of inspection.

Since then he has carried out numerous audits, quality consultancies and vendor appraisals for the BIE Group, in addition to being a regular Quality Consultant and Advisor for the BIE Group.