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Home Qualifications Training Knowledge bank Consultancy About us

Business Process Improvement

We have included a series of articles to provide business improvement and quality management professionals with some of the base knowledge required to support the development of their competencies so they can make a valuable contribution to their organisations as listed below:

‘Reserve your right to think, for even to think wrongly is better than not to think at all’

 Hypatia of Alexandria

Welcome to our knowledge bank

The modern day library at Alexandria

We are also building up a series of papers that have been published by my associates and colleagues as follows:

  1. The Value of Organisational Culture
  2. On the Importance of Process Measurements
  3. Effective process management
  4. The Evolving Role of the Quality Manager
  5. Process Analysis and Improvement
  6. Organisational sustainability management
  7. Operational Risk Management
  8. Sustainable processes