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Business Process Improvement

Process design and improvement

Performance improvement through intelligent management - a 2-day tutored learning event

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About the event

The focus of this learning event is ‘performance improvement’ as applied to all aspects of business processes. The first day and a half are devoted to understanding management systems and the processes that create value for an organisation and its stakeholders. Included within this section are process design (specifying, and defining business processes) and process measurement.

The next section of the event examines performance improvement techniques in terms of working smarter and attacking waste. These essential and detailed techniques are applied to process definition and are supported by exercises to help delegates develop the competencies required to identify opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of processes.  A final session is included to demonstrate how process definition can be used to create process maps and provides an overview of management system documentation.

To maximise the value from the event, an optional session is provided at the end of day one to provide learning on the relationship between ISO 9001 and processes.

Structure of the event

About 60% of the time during this event is devoted to workshops and exercises based around case studies and delegates own processes. To get the most out of this learning event delegates must bring to the event a process they are familiar with for analysis and examination during the workshops. Ideally this should be a business process, through which their organisation delivers one of its products or services. Maximum learning is achieved through work on real processes brought to the event by delegates and then taken back to the work place for refinement and implementation. Learning is consolidated through

Customisation of BPIU training courses for in-company presentations

BPIU will customise all courses to fit customers’ specific requirements. We have delivered training for a significant number of the quality tools and techniques and can accommodate most requests. This course can be run as a 1-day event in-company.

Course content - day 1

Understanding the management system

Workshop – what do you expect from process management?

Designing business processes – process specification and measurement

Case study - specifying business processes

Workshops - developing a specification for delegate’s own process

Designing business processes – process definition

Case study - defining business processes

Course content - day 2

Workshops - developing a definition for delegate’s own process

Designing business processes – process visibility and process mapping

Case study - converting process definition into process maps

Improving process efficiency - working smarter – attacking waste

Workshop – review / improve delegates own process / identify key issues

Workshop - gaining buy-in from management and staff

Gaining buy-in from management and staff

Optional session: the management of process risk

Course author and lead tutor: Mike Debenham

Approved course tutor: Nina Abbassi has been one of CQI trainers since 2000 and is an independent consultant, trainer and auditor who designs and delivers a wide range of public and bespoke courses and assists a variety of organizations in design, development, maintenance, auditing and continual improvement of their management systems. Qualifications: B.Sc. Hons, FCQI, IRCA registered QMS Lead Auditor


What makes the difference among consultants is if you understand when they start to speak about processes…

Mike makes here the difference because he merges a deep understanding of the topic, with a long experience in process design and process improvement (lot of examples) as well as in teaching.

The course he built for Nexans University, covers with simple words and examples a wide range of topics going from the “management system” to the process specification, definition and mapping, from strategic policies to simple operating procedures, with the same crystal clarity.

But beyond his science and his facilitation skills, what makes him a fantastic teacher is his great humor and kindness to people that makes from a challenging topic a surprisingly pleasant journey in the arduous world of organization.

Thanks to the quality and the structure of the course, it is transferable to other cultures. It allowed us to cascade it in other countries and to train locally our own internal trainers to make the Process Design competency acquisition sustainable. A key competency when you start deploying a LEAN culture.

Benoit Gandillot, Director of Nexans University (