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Root Cause Analysis

Problem solving and decision making using the quality toolbox - a 2-day tutored learning event

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About the event

This event provides an overview of the problem solving and decision-making process and the applicable quality tools. A number of these tools have been selected by the author for a detailed review and use during the event. The tools have been selected for their practical applicability and simplicity and each tool is presented in its most basic application.  This is for ease of understanding and some guidance is given to delegates on how the tools may be used in a more detailed and sophisticated way.

These courses are intended for process owners and team members who need to develop the competencies to use the structured approach and associated tools.

Structure of the event

About 40% of the time during this event is devoted to workshops and exercises based around case studies. Delegates are offered the opportunity of bringing their own problems to the event and use them as examples to work on during the workshops. Maximum learning is achieved through work on real situations brought to the event by delegates and then taken back to the work place for refinement and implementation. Learning is consolidated through

Customisation of BPIU training courses for in-company presentations

BPIU will customise all courses to fit customers’ specific requirements. We have delivered training for a significant number of the quality tools and techniques and can accommodate most requests. This course can be run as a 1-day event in-company, by omitting day 2 except for the first session defining objectives for the solution.

Course content - day 1

Overview of the 14 step process of problem solving and decision making

Defining and specifying the problem

Workshop – defining the problem

Collecting data and assigning priority

Case study – using the data collection tools (Pareto analysis and histograms)

Selecting the most likely root causes using cause & effect diagrams and ‘why why’ or ‘5 whys’

Workshop – using cause & effect diagrams and ‘why why’

Workshop – 'What are the causal factors of human error?'

Investigating and agreeing the most likely root cause

Workshop – using creative visualisation

Validating and/or agreeing the root cause

Course content - day 2

Defining objectives for the solution

Workshop – the objectives for the decision

Developing potential solutions using ‘how how’

Workshop – using ‘how how’

Workshop – 'How do we eliminate the causes of human error?'

Assessing the risks and making the decision using risk-based decision-making

Workshop – using risk-based decision-making

In depth risk assessment of solution using failure mode and effects analysis

Workshop – using failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA/FMECA)

Implementing the solution

piloting the solution

managing change using force field analysis

monitoring results and follow-up

Workshop – using force field analysis

Course author and lead tutor: Mike Debenham

Approved course tutor: Tony Lintern has been involved in quality assurance for over 30 years and has developed expertise in a number of areas, particularly quality management and training.  Tony has been personally responsible for introducing quality management systems into many companies in the UK and Europe, to meet recognised international standards such as ISO 9001.  He is also an experienced and qualified auditor, registered with IRCA (the International Register of Certificated Auditors).


Mike manages to interweave the theory and practice of Root Cause Analysis within a learning environment in a challenging and fun way that is truly appreciated by the key stakeholders

Steve Warwood, Business and Organisational Excellence, Jaguar Land Rover, Steve is currently (2015) Chair of the CQI Advisory Council. (